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My Counselling Approach


 I value the opportunity to help you overcome the obstacles that stop you from achieving the life you want.


My training and qualifications allow me to understand and work with a wide range of life's challenges. With seven years of formal university training and a lot of experience working with people, I am able to draw from a wide range of evidence based counselling models that will best help you.

  •  My work with couples draws extensively on Emotionally Focused Therapy. This has a strong research base of evidence at helping couples connect and build repairs.

  • For individuals, I often use  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which helps clients with a wide range of issues. It helps to free people from negative patterns, live in the present moment while letting your values help drive your behaviour.

  • I also use Narrative Therapy, CBT, Mindfulness, Somatic work and Person Centred Counselling to help clients.


What this means is that I walk alongside you to help you look at your current  ways of behaviour, thinking and responding and how they impact on you and the people you love.  We will work together to to shift unhelpful patterns and help you to connect with your personal strengths and core values.

I help my clients by staying up to date on the latest research. I stay accountable by seeing a counselling supervisor and keep connected by being part of multiple counselling support groups.


Most importantly, I have done my own personal work and have helped many clients do the same. Think of me like a counselling Sherpa; I have climbed Mt. Everest many times and  guided others along their paths. I know the markers of progress, and I can help keep us on the path and guide us steadily forward when the unexpected arises.


I also respect that therapy is taking a risk. It’s scary to be vulnerable and trust another human being with your emotional life. It is one of the hardest and bravest things you’ll ever do. But I believe in your strength and resilience. If you’re willing to take that risk, I’m right there alongside you for each step. 

My commitment to you is to treat you with

  • Respect

  • Empathy

  • Unconditional positive regard

  • Confidentiality

  • Warmth

  • And I'll usually use some humour in the room.

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