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Reconnect and Restore

Are you looking to reconnect with your partner or the people you love most in the world? I use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which has a strong evidence base to help people find their way back to each other. It goes beyond communication strategies. Instead, it taps into our very human wish to be known, seen, and loved for who we truly are.

Why do I use EFT over other models of counselling?

EFT is different from other couples or family therapy because it provides a clear roadmap to help you and the people you love get back in connection. This roadmap is informed by the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, and it’s backed by research and clinical trials. It gets results!

Using this model, you'll see that I don’t place blame on any one person. There’s no “bad guy." Instead, we are united in working together to face down the real issue in your relationship which we call: “The Cycle."

The good news: It’s normal for couples and families to get caught in it AND we know the way out!

We know that we each have a style of coping in relationships that is hard-wired. The interaction between your style and your loved one's style is what creates your unique version of “The Cycle." You may not even realize your style and the beginning of the therapy will help you to identify that.

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