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Find out a little bit more about me

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I grew up in Dunedin and Palmerston North, adopted into a beautiful family where I was one of six crazy siblings. I've been married to the amazing Mr Young for 30 years and we have two adult sons.  I initially trained as a teacher and I have a secret ability to make sense of numbers, so ended up teaching Mathematics and Statistics. However, my life goal has always been to search for beauty, and if this wasn't in numbers, it was in people, so a move to Counselling and find ways to search for the beauty in broken spaces was a natural move.

When I'm not counselling, I'll be found at one of the Hibiscus Coast's local beaches, or trying to find ways to make things more beautiful. This usually involves lots of love on the people I care about most, or spending time with a paint brush / drill / needle and thread in my hand creating things  that make the world a nice place to be.

One of the mountains I have climbed in life is that my husband and I have been together for 30 years and raised two incredible adults who live with their partners. We know exactly just how difficult some years are, and have worked hard to be able to keep our connection alive through some rough patches.


Protecting and strengthening the loving bond that brought you together initially pays big dividends down the road! It's not that it is easy; but it's always worth the work to get there.

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