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During the season of COVID I am committed to continuing to provide counselling for all clients. However, I may ask you some more questions than normal during your screening process, so that I can provide appropriate care to maintain safety for all.


During the Orange framework it is encouraged to remain mindful about social distancing where practical.  I will continue to have increased levels of cleaning protocols and ventilation in my indoor counselling space. You are welcome to chose whether to wear a facemask or not during face to face counselling, additionally you are welcome to request that I wear a facemask for your protection.

I am fully vaccinated and happy to share this information with you. I have had COVID (Omicron) in March 2022.

I am privileged to be able to offer you counselling that best suits your needs during this season. I can provide either indoor or outdoor counselling from my office in Red Beach. Alternatively I can offer you counselling online via Zoom.

Please do not attend in-person counselling if you have been ill in the past week or have been in contact with someone who is unwell. I am happy to switch to online counselling, to continue our sessions. Please refer to my cancellation policy for guidance on cancelling.

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