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Counselling is as complex as it is simple. Simply, it is a space and a conversation. But, it is in this space and in the conversations that the complexity of risk, reflecting, acting, telling, listening, stretching, pain and longing are co-navigated.

The space is one where you are held without judgment and with empathy and respect. You should feel safe and listened to. In couples work, you should both feel as though your voice is heard and your counsellor is impartial and non-judgemental. If this is not the case you should discuss this with your counsellor and work together to create the space that holds your needs and helps facilitate your goals for therapy.

An important part of counselling is confidentiality.  This means what happens in the space, stays in the space. The only time this is broken is when what is shared tells the counsellor that you may be harmed or someone you know may be harmed in some way. It is our duty as counsellors to do no harm and getting more support for you so that you remain safe is part of that duty.

What is counselling?: FAQ
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